Liar: The Fake Grooming Scandal

1×60′ current affairs/crime documentary
Firecrest Productions for BBC3/2 | UK | 2024

The Essex Murders

3-part true crime documentary
Sky | UK | 2023

COBRA (Season 2&3)

Co-composer (S2E4)
Additional Music (S2E3, S3E3)
New Pictures | UK | 2021/23

A Discovery of Witches (Season 2)

Additional Music & Production & Programming
Bad Wolf | UK | 2019-2020

Silent Witness (S24)

Additional Music (Episodes 9&10)

The King’s War on Witches

Dir: Mark Fielder | Quickfire Media | Channel Five/Nat Geo (UK) | 55′

The Virgin Queen’s Fatal Affair

Dir: Tom Cholmondeley | Quickfire Media | Channel Five/Nat Geo (UK) | 55′ | Royal Television Society Award (Best Specialist Factual)

Mysteries of the Vampire Skeletons

Dir: Mark Fielder | Quickfire Media | Channel Five/Nat Geo (UK) | 55′

The Spy Who Brought Down Mary Queen of Scots

Dir: Mark Fielder | Quickfire Media | Channel Five/Nat Geo (UK) | 55′


Feature Film

Call Me Kate

Dir: Lorna Tucker
85′ | Salon Pictures | Netflix & Sky

Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son

Dir: Lorna Tucker
85′ | Dartmouth Films

A Space in Time

Dir: Nick Taussig & Riccardo Servini
85′ | Salon Pictures


Dir: Matthew Sommerville
90′ | Sava Films

The Spy Who Fell to Earth

Dir: Thomas Meadmore
90′ | Salon Pictures
Release 2019 (Netflix)


Dir: Tom Nicoll
85′ | Nicoll Film Productions
Starring: Kim Allan, Liam Harkins
Official Selection (Shetland Film Festival)

Oh No, Not Rudy Again

Dir: Ismail Sahin/Oona-Devi Liebich
90′ | Macchiato Pictures
Starring: Matthias Brenner, Oliver Marlo, Frank Auerbach, Ismail Sahin
European Film Market (Cannes)

Queens of Syria

Dir: Yasmin Fedda
72′ | Refuge Productions
Black Pearl Award (Best Director) – Abu Dhabi Film Festival


Dir: Rob Savage | 80′ | Idle Films | Starring: Philine Lembeck, Oliver Malam, Hannah Wilder | Raindance Award (British Independent Film Awards)

Short Film

Let Me Be Fair

Dir: Shiwei Xi
Chinese-language black and white short

His Name Was Gerry

Dir: Peter Lee Scott
Odelay Films & PLS Films
Starring: Kiera Thomson, Jack Veal, Farhan Baqi
Best Director, Best Short Film, Best Actress (British Independent Film Festival)

Electric Ghost

Dir: James Walker Sieradzki
Makeshift Motion
Starring: Lucy Chappell, David Mullenger


Dir: Michele Fiascaris & Filippo Polesel
Yellow Pill Productions
Starring: Dudley O’Shaughnessey
Official Selection Sitges Film Festival, Turin Film Festival, London Short Film Festival
Nomination for Melies Award

Healey’s House

Dir: Rob Savage
Shadowhouse Productions
Starring: Ben Tavassoli, Michelle Donnelly
Best UK Short (Raindance Awards)


Dir: James Sieradzki
Makeshift Motion
Starring: Sebastian Sacco, Andrew Shire
Best Film (Unbroken Film Festival), Official Selection (LA Shorts Fest)

The Jumper

Dir: George Purves | Best Short Film (Devour Film Festival)