Call Me Kate


Call Me Kate Poster

Feature Documentary | Director: Lorna Tucker | Production Company: Salon Pictures | Netflix/Sky

I was fortunate for this to be my second film working with director Lorna Tucker (Vivienne Westwood, Ama). It was a wonderful chance to dig into the treasure trove of past Hollywood glories and mine it for a sweet, melodic orchestral palette to suit the portrayal of Katharine Hepburn.

The documentary explores Hepburns character traits that lent her career the breathtaking longevity it had – grit, humour, confidence but also an underlying anxiety about being liked and appreciated. The score is an attempt to evoke these facets of her personality, at times breathless and exited, at times languid and romantic.

There is also a recurrent theme of water in the film. Hepburn spent a lot of her life in a house by the sea and was a lifelong dedicated swimmer. Many family memories sketched in the film have a link to the water somehow. The cue “Adrift” best exemplifies the influence this element had on the music.