1. COBRA S2: Radicalisation Robin Schlochtermeier 1:48
  2. Cobra S2: Anti-Francine Social Media Robin Schlochtermeier 0:25
  3. Cobra S2: Firestorm Radicalisation Robin Schlochtermeier 1:20
  4. Cobra S2: Lord Singer Murdered - Aftermath Robin Schlochtermeier 2:43
  5. Cobra S2: Eleanor Updates PM On Firestorm Robin Schlochtermeier 1:38
  6. Cobra S2: Firestorm Video Robin Schlochtermeier 0:51


Lead composer: Rob Lane
Written by: Ben Richards
Producer: Joe Donaldson
Executive Producers: Charlie Pattinson, Willow Grylls, Elaine Pyke, Ben Richards
Production Company: New Pictures
Starring: Robert Carlisle, Victoria Hamilton, Richard Dormer, Marsha Thomason, Lucy Cohu, Richard Pepple

I was brought in on the second season for this series by veteran lead composer Rob Lane (Merlin, The Damned United, Witches of Discovery). This season expands on the first season’s political machinations and introduces a new set of threats to the security of the nation.

One of these threats, in the form of a young man radicalised by far right propaganda through online forums, needed some suitably gritty and tech-inspired sounds. I was tasked with building a palette of sounds for this storyline, and then creating a number of cues whenever this strand was dominant.

Throughout Episode 3 and 4 of this series we see this character going deeper into a rabbit hole of conspiracy and rage. We felt that this needed a cold, almost non-musical approach.

I created some of the sounds using a state of the art synthesis environment, some using leftfield sampling techniques and even one by holding up a guitar cable to an LED light source and recording the resulting buzz. In fact, this sound became the signature sound for the radicalised character I was portraying!