Electric Ghost

  1. One Door Closes - ELECTRIC GHOST 2:59
  2. Main Title - ELECTRIC GHOST 1:54
  3. Donation - ELECTRIC GHOST 3:35
  4. Knickers - ELECTRIC GHOST 1:26


Director: James Walter Sieradzki
Production company: Makeshift Motion Ltd
Director of Photography: Dave Tree

I loved working on this gem of a sci-fi film. It’s set almost entirely in a modified, kitted-out and really spacey-looking taxi cab on a junk heap. The script, by director James Walker Sieradzki, is a wonderful ode to all the best elements of artificial intelligence/life, but with a completely unique, urban wasteland setting.

In keeping with the story themes I created a palette of sounds derived from organic sources (my voice, piano, guitar, glockenspiel and others), but significantly degraded/modified them in a digital realm.

I worked a lot with a form of synthesis called “granular synthesis” which involves taking tiny samples of live recordings and recombining them in interesting ways. The choir chords at the beginning of “One Door Closes” are the clearest example of this in this score – clearly human in origin yet also distinctly non-naturalistic.

All in all, a lovely opportunity to work within this sweet spot of mine, where human and machine cross over.