Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son


Someone's Daughter, Someone's Son

Feature Documentary | Director: Lorna Tucker | Production Company: Dartmouth Films

My first film working with director Lorna Tucker (Vivienne Westwood, Ama), this was a joy to work on. The homeless women and men who feature in the film show a rich tapestry of life on the street in today’s Britain. The film examines the causes of homelessness, issues surrounding addiction and recovery, and sheds light on possible pathways to solving the housing crisis.

The central character in the film is Earl, whose life was turned around by an encounter with an empathetic passers-by who took the time to engage with him. This story is central to the film’s redemption message and it led my to use a viola and cello combination throughout the score, layered on top of throbbing synths, gritty guitars and shimmering nostalgic soundscapes. The intertwined instruments engage in a dialogue across class and life situation, bringing out the shared humanity that we can all feel just beneath the surface.

The process of writing the music to this film was very moving for me and brought home the precariousness of all our lives. As a result I am as proud of the standout pieces in the film that go with Earl as anything I’ve written before.