The Essex Murders


Documentary Series – 3 x 5o’ | Director: Owen Gower | Production Company: Expectation | Sky

The Essex Murders is an investigative true crime documentary into a triple gangland homicide in rural Essex in the clubbing scene in the 1990s. It draws on witness testimony, expert consultants, archive and police records to question whether with the official police investigation at the time produced the correct outcome.

As the series is set in the 1990s acid house scene and features known crime gangs, there was plenty of musical inspiration to work with. Of course rave featured heavily and for the score I recreated several iconic synth sounds from dancefloor hits of the time. There was also the long tradition of underworld film scores to draw on – e.g. in some twanging guitars, Spaghetti-Western-style six string bass, tubular bells amongst other elements in the score.